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    Ruisen Petroleum Resin Co., Ltd. 
    Address (Puyang Company): West Section of Huanghe Road, Puyang City, Henan Province, China Post Code: 457000 

    Address (Shandong Company): Middle Section of Xiangyun Road, Guyun Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shen County, Shandong Province, China Post Code: 252429 

    Chairman and General Manager: Huang Tingyi 
    Mobile: +86-13780701715 
    Tel: +86-393-4603200 +86-635-7688801 
    Fax: +86-393-4603222 
    E-mail: sales@pyruisen.com.cn exp@pyruisen.com.cn 

    Deputy General Manager\Sales Vice President: Dong Hua 
    Mobile: +86-15939390009 Tel: +86-393-4603777 Fax: +86-393-4603203 E-mail: donghua@pyruisen.com.cn 
    Assistant of General Manager: Yang Min 
    Mobile: +86-13461680372 Tel: +86-393-4603201 E-mail: yangmin-pyrs@outlook.com

    Du Guoqi Tel: +86-393-4603233 Mobile: +86-13633933508 E-mail: duguoqi@pyruisen.com.cn 
    Ren Dandan Tel: +86-393-4603239 Mobile: +86-15939382913 E-mail: rendandan@pyruisen.com.cn 
    Wang Ziwei Tel: +86-393-4603777 Mobile: +86-19839363711 E-mail: wangziwei@pyruisen.com.cn 
    Huang Qingqing Tel: +86-635-7688839 Mobile: +86-18365737507 E-mail: sdruisenhqq@163.com
    Zhao Zhenzhen Tel: +86-635-7688838 Mobile: +86-18865167242 E-mail: donriyilian@163.com
    Guo Lihui Tel: +86-635-7688837 Mobile: 15893228602 E-mail: amy.ruisenresin@outlook.com
    Exclusive agent of hydrogenated DCPD petroleum resin in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and Hunan: Jingjiang Nanyang chemical materials Co., Ltd. 
    Contact: Ni JiangHao Tel: +86-18903012061
    Peng Hui Tel: +86-18903012062,020-81512686, Fax: 020-81507616, E-mail: nijianghao@126.com

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